Fatma Masri MA Clinical Psychology

fatma Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #128792

Life stressors may be in abundance for some. These stressors may come from a person's career, interpersonal relationships, cultural influences, medical history, and other environmental factors. Stressful life events may occur during critical life transitions or unexpectedly. When stress becomes unmanageable you may experience anxiety, depressed mood, hopelessness, fatigue, low self-esteem, and irritability. Self-awareness and healthy coping strategies are not skills everyone had the opportunity to cultivate in order to successfully navigate life's most difficult challenges.

As a first generation African-American/North African LGBTQIA+ identified woman, i understand some of the stress and trauma different minority groups experience from their environment. I utilize different treatment methods depending on your individual needs such as CBT, exposure therapy, ACT, and expressive arts.

Dr. Leslie A. Miles, MS, LMFT, LIC #89704

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