Aggression Replacement Training

Aggression Replacement Training® is a cognitive behavioral intervention program to help children and adolescents improve social skill  competence and moral reasoning, better manage anger, and reduce aggressive behavior. The program was developed for chronically aggressive and violent adolescents ages 12–17 who were incarcerated in juvenile institutions. ART has since been adapted for children from all socioeconomic backgrounds in rural, urban, or suburban communities in schools and mental health settings.  ART has also been used in schools and mental health settings to reduce aggressive and antisocial behavior and to promote anger management and social competence.

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Clients attend a one-hour session in each of these components each week. Incremental learning, reinforcement techniques, and guided group discussions enhance skill acquisition and reinforce the lessons in the curriculum.

The program consists of 10 weeks (30 sessions) of intervention training, and is divided into three components:

*social skills training

*anger-control training

*moral reasoning.

Successful outcomes of ART®

*Improved relationship with family, peers, and teachers’

*Increase in knowledge and social skills

*Increase in positive behaviors

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