When Having a Baby Does Not Go As Planned

Each month you hope and pray that you are pregnant only to be disappointed by one line on the pregnancy test.  Sex is becoming a chore and your relationship is suffering. You look around and everyone seems to be announcing their pregnancy. Weekend baby showers and gender reveals are becoming a drag and it is becoming harder and harder to hold it all together.

 It seems that family members and friends can’t hold back from their unsolicited advice.  “Just relax and you will get pregnant,” Stop trying and you will get pregnant,” Try this and try that and after long it all sounds like blah blah blah. 

woman outside

Maybe your infertility journey has led you to try prescription medication, artificial insemination, IVF, etc. Maybe nothing has worked, and you are considering adoption, surrogacy, donor eggs and/or sperm banks.  Your body is tired, and you are exhausted by the idea of another pill or another injection. You have experienced countless blood draws and you have lost count the number of times your legs have been in cold metal stirrups.  Your doctor has scheduled ultrasound after ultra sound only to see an empty womb.

You feel exhausted by the poking and prodding, and your body continues to fail you. You can’t talk to anyone about infertility because no one seems to understand. You feel like your body has let you down and there is no hope in sight. 

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Our therapist at Milestone Marriage and Family Therapy Services have specialized in working with individuals and couples struggling with conceiving a child.  Our Ceo has her own infertility story and made this her life’s work helping individuals and couples navigate through the ups and downs of infertility.  Our goal is to help you feel whole again and to bring hope back to a situation that can feel hopeless at times.

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