Teen Group

I Just Want To Scream...

Is school is driving you crazy? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel all alone and question whether you are good enough? Are you tired of trying to fit in? Are you confused and unsure about the future? Then this group is for you!!!


This group is designed to help teen girls unleash their full potential. We will work on self-esteem, self-care, body image, and social media pitfalls in this group. Also, we will spend time discussing what to do with emotions like anger, sadness, shame, guilt, loneliness, jealousy, confusion, and fear.

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Group Goals:

  • Gain effective coping skills
  • Increase self-esteem and self-image
  • Gain confidence
  • Navigate the ever-changing high school drama
  • Reduce stress and incorporate daily self-care

For more information about this group, call [email protected] or 909-284-4504

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Dr. Leslie A. Miles, MS, LMFT, LIC #89704

              Suite 202.                            Ontario, CA 91764 US