Aileen Castellanos M.Ed, AMFT

Supervised by Dr. Leslie A Miles, LMFT

Aileen Castellanos Hello! My name is Aileen Castellanos I am a Bilingual Spanish and English-speaking Latina therapist. My interest includes reading books, drinking tea, doing arts and crafts, and binging Netflix. I have six years’ experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples. I specialize working with parents of children and teens with neurological challenges, children/teens with neurological challenges, couples with emotional, sexual, and communication difficulties, and individuals with anxiety and/or depression.        

 Being a parent of a child with neurological challenges can be exhausting especially when there are a million other things that needs your attention in your life. Do you feel overwhelmed by life with your children or even with your spouse/partner? Unsure how to communicate your needs to your family properly? Are you so tired and exhausted of the same communication loop that gets you nowhere? Feeling empty and numb on the inside? Unsure how to stop those racing thoughts and uncomfortable feelings inside? Do you feel ready to make the necessary changes to better your life?   Starting a new chapter in your life’s journey is terrifying no matter which way you look at it but taking that first baby step forward is the best way to go. The difference in starting this journey is that you are not alone I will be there each step of the way with you to ensure we succeed together. On this new journey together we will laugh, smile, cry, scream, be vulnerable, and most of all move forward to a better you.

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