Pregnancy Loss

preg When it's hard to stay pregnant

You just heard the words “ There is no heartbeat,” “We have to do a D&C,” Your pregnancy is no longer viable.” These words are devastating and the hopes and dreams you had for this baby are replaced with pain unimaginable.  The tears seem to fall as if they will never stop.  Your body has let you down maybe for the first or second time.  Maybe you have lost count the times your body has betrayed you.  You fear that you can’t make it because your heart is broken. You feel broken.

sad woman

If you hear one more person say “you are young you can try again,” “God knows best,”  “Everything happens for a reason.”  These statements do not make you feel better , they only make you feel worse.  You are searching for support from somewhere. You are wishing there was someone that understands what you are going through. Each day becomes more and more difficult to act as if you are “ok.” It is okay not to be okay.   

Our therapist at Milestone Marriage and Family Therapy Services have specialized in working with individuals and couples struggling with miscarriage, infant loss, still birth, etc.  Several of our therapist have their own experience with pregnancy loss.  Our goal is to help you feel whole again and to bring hope back to a situation that can feel hopeless at times.

You don’t have to do this alone. Contact us at 909-284-4504 or [email protected].

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