Crystal Lina Bunnell, MA Clinical Counseling

Crystal Lina Bunnell

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, AMFT # 144522
Supervised by Dr. Leslie A. Miles, LMFT

“...the ways you have learned to survive may not be the ways you wish to continue to live”    - Thema Bryant from her book Homecoming

Being a human is tough! So much comes our way and many times we aren’t sure how to navigate our way through life. At times we manage and sometimes we need a little extra help. That is normal! Humans are not meant to do life alone. We need one another. Asking for help can many times feel vulnerable, but therapy can be a place where you will be received just as you are, with safety, tenderness, and care. If you are willing, I would be honored to join you in this journey of navigating all that life is.

What will therapy look like?

 Using a collaborative approach, we will help you explore and learn more about how your mind works by helping you process your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, past experiences, and relationships. When we learn more about ourselves and why we do what we do in a safe, supportive, and compassionate space, then we can further examine and make more informed decisions about our lives which can be empowering and transformative. I am passionate about creating a safe space for the expression of emotions through art, mindfulness, body awareness, and coping skills. Therapy moves slowly and takes time, but we will do it together!

Child & Parenting Work:

 I like to take a Play Therapy approach when working with children and parents. Children communicate and learn through art and play, but also need structure and guidance as they navigate their world. My goal is to create a space where children can feel safe, seen, and loved while gaining skills and tools to navigate their world. I also prioritize parental involvement as children most look to caregivers for guidance, support, predictability, and of course love. Don’t worry, you will also gain tools and resources along the way to help you feel empowered!

If you feel ready to begin this new journey in life with me, I will be deeply honored to cultivate a space of safety, tenderness, and compassion for you.

Therapeutic Interests:

 Anxiety Depression Life Transitions

Spiritual Integration (when requested by client) Gender Identity

Cultural Identity

Grief Stress Trauma

Self-Esteem Body Image

A little bit about me:

 M.A. Clinical Counseling, Point Loma Nazarene University

B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development, Point Loma Nazarene University

In my personal life, I enjoy long walks around my neighborhood with my dog Angel and treating myself to an ice cold chai tea or matcha latte. I also enjoy napping, watching telenovelas, puzzling, and trying out new recipes.


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